I provide a wide array of music production, engineering and artist development services.
For bookings and all questions reach out to me here.

Music and Vocal Production

A great song is about the arrangements, textures and the groove. I always keep in mind that the music must enhance and support the song and the vocals.

Making the listener feel the emotion that was in the room when the song was created takes discipline to execute. I know how to create the right sonic palette and make listeners jump out of their seats!

Recording, Editing & Mixing

For the unsigned artist, podcast host and those on an indie budget, I offer recording and mixing in one of New York’s most unique hybrid analogue/digital studios.

I am very hands-on and need to make sure that it’s a record, so I focus on the 3D space, sonic quality and dynamics of a song before passing a final mix.

I encourage artists to share a good reference mix and notes, in order for me to understand their vision on how the record should sound.

Artist Development & Songwriting

In order to build a long and successful music career, every artist must develop their Musical Artistry and Persona.

Those two things are best reflected in the depth of an artist’s Songwriting. A great song has to go somewhere, so I work closely with artists to understand and execute the melodic and lyrical composition of their records.